18 May 2024. Davao City.

Kasilak Development Foundation, Inc. conducted its follow-through 3-year Strategic Planning Sessions on 16-17 May 2024 at MLM Farm Resort, Biao Eskwela, Tugbok District, Davao City to finalize its strategic directions and action plans for 2024-2026. The Foundation had its initial performance review and strategic planning sessions on 20-22 November 2023 in Talaingod, Davao del Norte.

EnP. Jobe C. Tubigon, Executive Director, stressed the importance of involving staff from all levels of the program in the strategic planning process, the personal commitment and team ownership of the plan/direction, and the accountability. He also highlighted the importance of resource mobilization or finding the resources the Foundation needs to carry out its mission and strategic plans. He shared the different resource mobilization strategies which include (1) proposal writing, (2) partnership building/resource leveraging, (3) fundraising (community-based, public, overseas, crowdfunding), and (4) social enterprise.

Mr. Wilfred Oville, Jr., ManCom member at the same time CSR & Employee Engagement Manager of Dole-Stanfilco shared the FY 2024 Corporate Citizenship/Corporate Social Responsibility Directions of Dole-Stanfilco highlighting the shared values the company has created and will continue to create/contribute from its business operations and community development/CSR initiatives. He challenged the Foundation of (1) providing premium on resource mobilization (including social enterprises), (2) ensuring skills optimization, (3) reviewing intervention prioritization (i.e. community livelihoods/enterprises), and (4) ensuring clear, aligned and data-driven strategic goals.

After the planning sessions, the team has agreed with the following strategic directions:

1) Active resource mobilization, partnership building, and introduction and management of social enterprises to improve the financial sustainability of the Foundation;

2) Strengthening the capacities of partner-organizations (POs/coops/unions) to sustainably manage their community enterprises/livelihoods);

3) Sustaining the banner programs of the Foundation;

4) Strengthening the capacities of the mgt. staff on PDIMME, resource mobilization/proposal writing, management of social enterprise, and technical assistance to partner-orgs (POs/coops/unions)

5) Improvement of the M&E/performance management systems, communications/visibility, and talent management systems of the Foundation

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